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Prept CEO Summer Wardrobe picks

I always love to try pieces from our favorite brands + some try some new brands out to share the best recommendations with our community and clients. Here is everything I recently purchased to wear this Summer, with an eye towards purchases that would of course also maximize my overall wardrobe! Big fan of the capsule wardrobe, staple pieces, and shopping smarter not harder :)

Shorts: I have a couple pairs of denim shorts (white and blue denim) that I've had FOREVER that are distressed and also some nicer black non-denim shorts, BUT I was really on the hunt for some good non distressed options to add into my wardrobe. I ended up trying and finding some great options for a white denim short, a blue denim shot, and a pull on / paperbag short!

Bodysuits & Layering Tanks: Added to my collection of these...because I keep finding myself wearing to work, on the weekends, all the time! Bodysuits and tanks are too comfortable, versatile and have such an effortless, sleek look with the right fit. Tip: What you gravitate towards most (aka wear all the time) in your wardrobe is what you love, feel good in, and absolutely should continue to invest in similar or complimentary pieces.

White pants: I have a love/hate relationship with these and basically count down the hours until they get stained as soon as I throw them on...but they are such an essential and chic option for the summertime! Plus, they allow me to mix up from the usual blue denim. They give a more elevated feel so I can dress up easier and I find I like wearing white to work over blue denim. I found a white trouser and white jean, both super comfortable that have been my go-to. As the Favorite Daughter options is more pricy, here is another by Madewell (100% linen great for Summer) I highly recommend, I will be getting these, plus the matching vest asap.

Floral dress: I usually stick to neutrals and minimal patterns so I am not buying trendy options that I know I'll only wear once, BUT I love a good floral dress to wear on date nights and to nicer outings. I got a couple from MISA (pricy but worth it I love this female-founded LA based brand), Reformation, Abercrombie.

Sunnies & Earrings: I feel like I have not bought a pair of sunnies in FOREVER since I bought Ray Bans and my Diff Eyewear options a couple years it was definitely time for some new shades. Landed on a great affordable option from Revolve and am loving. Also picked up a 3 pack hoop of earrings that are amazing, classic, and affordable.

Matching set: I love these for the perfect go-to outfit but honestly only had a couple in my wardrobe that were more elevated, so wanted to mix in some new, lighter, more casual options perfect for the summer heat. Found a couple from Reformation, Revolve, and Amazon.

Nicer tops: I am back in the office and while I previously picked up some awesome t-shirts I wear a LOT, I wanted some more elevated, fun tops to dress up my look to not be super casual all the time.

Swimwear: Is it even summer if you don't get at least 1 new suit!? I am obsessed with Hunza G. It's the most comfortable suit I've ever owned and had to try 2 new styles and colors waiting patiently until most came off pre-order... Also if you need a good cover-up, have had this one for 2 years and it is the BOMB.

Wedges: Most that know me know that I love a good white shoe! It's just such a cool, clean look that adds a pop and I think a more versatile pop I can wear more than some of my colored shoe options. The white wedge I got from Steve Madden sold out, but here are some similar. I also purchased the canvas wedge here from Dolce Vita but full disclosure there was some pain involved to break them in.

Last, a little cardigan to wear over a tank for warmth at work/night or just alone!

To level up your Summer wardrobe, book a style session here or in our app anytime/anywhere!

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