Looking Fab for Less - My Amazon Journey

Readers, I wanted to share with you my journey on spending less on trendy clothing yet remaining trendy while instead spending my money on staple items.

I will be honest with you guys my initial reaction is always to buy branded products because in my opinion I assume branded products always means quality. For many instances that has been the case and I stand by that. However, I’ve been seeing a lot of trends out there for example biker shorts joggers etc. and what I dawned of me is whether I should be spending $50-$200 on "trendy items" that might not be as cool to me next season.... or should I look for less expensive alternatives but still remain on trend with a bargained look. To note, we at Prept want to be accessible for all budgets and spending a lot of money on fast trends or clothing is not feasible for all our clients. We hear you and see you and are taking strides to keep you looking fashionable on a budget!

My journey started with biker shorts. I love the trend and I had envisioned purchasing a pair of leather biker shorts as I particularly love the texture of leather paired with cotton, linen etc... I feel like it’s a really good juxtaposition. I bought two pairs... one I caved and purchased from Commando and another I bought from Amazon. When I receive both, I will say the Commando quality is much more tighter, thicker, and the leather does look more expensive. The Amazon one is a lot thinner and is a shinier leather, but cost me roughly $22. When I wore both of them, I can obviously say the Commando looked more expensive and helped with the belly fat, but the Amazon one also stood on its own. It was high-waisted and the shininess actually looked pretty cool with a plain bodysuit (photos are below) and all in all I thought if this is a trend that’s not going to be here next year, can I justify spending so much on an item I’ll probably only wear once or twice? Or should I buy something that works fine, does the job, and come out spending $22?

Another transition I made is buying workout clothes from Amazon. It's crazy, but I have found high-end quality (similar to Lululemon and Alo Yoga) for literally 1/4 of the price. Right now my go to is a great 7/8 length (which is the perfect full-size length for petites) and cropped workout bra tanks. I am going to link it below, share a few photos and my thoughts!

Long story short, I’ve been utilizing Amazon a lot lately by reading the reviews and purchasing items that I don’t know if I would love year after year but love right now. It goes to show you that you can find quality and comfort with out the price tag when you mix and match high-end and low-end pieces. I live by that and I always try to wear higher-end pieces such as Aritzia or Gucci with lower-end priced items. For example, I have worn things from forever 21 to Amazon to Boohoo etc.... and realized as long as you have the proper fit (seriously get everything tailored!) and it looks great when you open the box, most people won’t be able to tell the difference!

See below for my favorites items!

Heeled Slides: Heeled dainty sandals and cute block slides have been everywhere this summer! I stumbled across these and became obsessed. I have them in off-white and black as well. They are easy to walk around town, SUPER comfortable, and incredibly stylish on. See my photo wearing these in off-white above! Can not BEAT the under $30 price.

Bottega Veneta Dupe Oversized Clutch: This is my favorite new clutch dupe! I got the white which actually is more off an off-white stone color but for ~$33, I thought the fabric was super soft and it looked like a great dupe. I can't wait to wear these with all nude/brown outfit and pair this oversized clutch to carry my all needs (which these days consists of masks, hand sanitizer, red lipstick, and my cell phone) :)

Lululemon Dupe Leggings (7/8 Length): Love these leggings! I have them in 3 colors and for $25, what is not to love?! They are high-waisted and the quality is actually very soft. Definitely held up after a wash. I have done about two washes and no pilling which is actually a huge bummer with Lululemon leggings. I feel like no matter what I do, my fabric eventually pills.

Commando/Spanx Dupe Leather Biker Shorts: These are the leather biker shorts that I bought for ~$20. They were more shiny than matte, BUT they still looked great under a bodysuit! (see left photo) Will it hold belly fat the best? Probably not. If you feel uncomfortable wearing this over a bodysuit consider an oversized tee! Our stylist Beth has mastered the oversized tee over biker shorts!

Lululemon Dupe Cropped Tank: I don't have much to say about these except buy them immediately! These are so soft and great quality for a cropped tank. For ~$23 what more can you ask for? There are built in bra cups inside which surprisingly don't fold in the wash! I have them in five colors and love them! (see right photo)