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How to rock a POP of color

My palette generally runs pretty neutral these days unless I’m considering wearing florals.

However, sometimes when I want jazz up a neutral outfit — I’ll consider a pop color whether an accessory or part of my original outfit. Here are a few tips and tricks of when to utilize a pop of color and how. 

1. Neutrals - Being a professional individual working in corporate, I often wear the typical cream/white blouse with black trouser/skirt. However, sometimes when I want to switch it up, I love to throw on a pair of patterned or colored pumps or even a colored handbag. This can elevate an otherwise slightly boring outfit. You can't really go wrong with the actual color when your outfit is so neutral.

2. Denim - I love a good mustard, olive, pink, and even a cobalt blue with denim. You can’t really go wrong. Few ideas - a full on denim tuxedo outfit with a pop of color for accessories or shoes. If you are wearing a neutral top - the color options are endless for accessories and shoes.


Tip: Patterns - When wearing a top with a pattern and deciding to add color - always use a color that is already on the pattern you are wearing ensuring a clean cohesive outfit.

Tip: Don’t overuse colors - A pop of color usually means one item being colorful. If you have a colorful pair of heels on, no need to overdo it with a colorful clutch that’s not part of you outfit’s color palette - it can clash,  looks messy, and very busy. 

Tip: But do color block! - We love a good color block. If you have a plain outfit (white blouse and denim) and decide for a pop color color (hot pink heels), pick an accessory that’s a different shade (for example - hot pink heels - think pastel pink clutch). It still translates into a clean cut outfit and looks put together. 

Tip: Utilize at a color wheel! - I remember using color wheels during my art classes back in school. Knowledge of color wheels can easily be applied to outfits. Complimentary colors as seen on the left are directly across from each other and look really great paired together. Although, I always try to limit the red/green usage (can be a little holiday heavy).


Head of Style, Prept

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