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Tips for Shopping Sales

We know it can be equally exciting and overwhelming to shop sales! On one hand who doesn't LOVE a good deal, but on the other, those deals can also add up and it can be easy to spend way too much money, buy things you don't need, etc.

Here are key considerations to keep in mind when you're shopping sales during holiday season/beyond and just helpful tips for shopping in general.

Ask yourself: do you need it?

Yep, we're starting here. Highly recommend you check in with your current wardrobe and the capsule wardrobe guide that shares essential items before you go on your shopping spree! Ideally you are filling gaps in your wardrobe and covering down on those essential items while layering in more trendy pieces, event based style needs, and more.

Further, ask yourself, do you need it NOW?

If you can pause and see if you still want it as bad not in the moment, that is IDEAL. I might even go down in price and at a minimum minimize buyers remorse and help you feel more confident in your purchases

Check reviews

They are not the only source of truth, but they are a good gut check on if an item is worth it, unless you are sold by the brand in general and everything they make or have see it on a friend/someone yourself. Is the item all 5-stars? Great. Bingo. If not, are you willing to pull the trigger on an item that is not rated? If there are okay reviews, browse them and consider the sizing recommendations or red flags and if the item is still worth trying.

Understand shipping and returns

Are you certain it will fit/that you will like it/etc.? If not, check to be sure shipping and returns are worth the price.

Watch out for final sales

Be sure to read the fine print before you get stuck with an item you for sure cannot exchange or return. Usually these are pretty easily identifiable and in bold / all caps / red

Want help shopping sales and finding the right one for YOU, per your body type, complexion, budget, and more? Book one of our virtual styling services and 1:1 time with a Pro that can curate looks & advice just for you in our app!

Just have styling or sale questions? You can also chat with the Prept Team in our app or shoot us a message:

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