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Trending: Fall 2022 Trends to Try


This fall we are seeing leather take on all forms. We’re seeing this texture everywhere including headbands, tops, skirts, pants, and boots. Want to know how to go about styling these pieces in your wardrobe, keep reading!

Style Tip: Our #1 tip for styling leather is to grab some leather pants this fall! Leather pants are perfect paired with a neutral top, a coat, and your choice of sneakers for a more casual look or heels for a dressed up look.


We are all familiar with a good work friendly blazer but now we’re seeing this traditionally professional piece in a whole new light. 

Style Tip: Throw a blazer over an athleisure outfit for a comfortable or casual look, perfect for the work from home audience! If you're going out, pair a blazer with a mini dress or your look to elevate it by adding this new layer.

Matching Sets: 

Whether it’s athleisure, loungewear, or professional clothing, we’re seeing matching sets take over just in time for fall.

Style Tip: throw on a coat or add another layer to an athletic matching set to make it more versatile. For lounge sets, wide leg pants are super in! Pair a lounge set with a bag and some sneakers if on the go.


This fall we’re seeing multiple variations of clogs such as leather clogs, black clogs with gold hardware, and the birkenstock boston clog.

Style Tip: Pair leather clogs with a pair of jeans and a blazer for a more professional yet casual look. 


Skirts are here to stay! Midi, mini, and maxi skirts are in for fall. Depending on the weather in your area will definitely impact the length you choose, regardless of this let's talk about how you should style a skirt in general this fall.

Style Tip: Pair an oversized neutral sweater with a printed skirt of any length. Stick with sneakers or clogs for a casual look or boots and heels for a dressy approach. When shopping, look for satin skirts!


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