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Cult Gaia: Newest Obsession

The perfect party dress is always hard to find, but with womenswear brand Cult Gaia, the search is over for the “one.” The “Shannon” dress: mini, flared, black (or white), with dainty straps and an abundance of feathers, is bound to help you stand out at your next cocktail party. It is the perfect combination of classic and totally revolutionary— a fitting description for the variety of products Cult Gaia offers.

Cult Gaia, founded in 2012 by Jasmin Larian, is quickly becoming one of the most popular brands of 2020 for a plethora of reasons. This brand’s exciting, interesting, and unique pieces have caught the eye of many editors and celebrities like Rosie Huntington Whitley, among others.

In addition to the creative clothes, Cult Gaia is churning out some pretty exceptional accessories. A personal favorite is the Eos Acrylic Box Clutch. This marbled clutch in an assortment of dreamy colors is the perfect addition to any outfit.

On top of the accessories, Cult Gaia’s shoes are something to behold. The Tile PVC Mules are comfortable and oh-so chic. The glass orb heel with the thick, sheer PVC straps is innovative and suited to go with any look.

Cult Gaia’s star power only continues to rise along with its number of fans. This brand is definitely one to watch.


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