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Barbie Pink Is All The Rage, Get Inspired With These Pink Outfit Ideas

The Barbie movie is officially out and shades of Barbie pink are officially everywhere! We are here for this trending color and finding some pink pieces and ways to wear it. "Barbiecore" is the official trend where people are going all out with Barbie looks. Check out @barbiethemovie for all the red carpet and movie inspired looks for inspo and track what's trending.

Whether you were already pink obsessed or are just now considering casually incorporating this fun pop of color into your wardrobe, we've rounded up some pink pieces worth checking out and tips on shades per your season in this post!

Pink mini dresses

From simple options to full blown frills and puff sleeves for the ultimate girly vibes. Pair with pink accessories of different shades for a monochromatic look, other colors for a bolder color moment, or neutral shades to let the pink dress have the moment

Pink midis / maxis

Options to incorporate that you'll wear more than once! An easy summer sandal and simple bag is all you need for pairing

Pink tops / outerwear

Tank top and short sleeve options for summertime/beyond. White pants or jean bottoms are easy pairing options

Pink shoes & accessories

To add just a little pop of pink to your 'fit or top it off

Pink makeup

Pink lip & cheek options to as a rosy pop (that's more natural not too loud) and pull together your look

When it comes to choosing the best shades of pink based on seasonal colors (i.e., seasonal color analysis), different shades of pink can complement individuals with different color undertones and seasonal palettes. Not sure your season per your complexion? Book a session to find out here!

Here are some tips for selecting pink shades based on seasonal color categories:

1. Spring:

- Soft and warm pinks: Light, pastel pinks and warm, peachy pinks complement the warm undertones typically found in the Spring color palette.

2. Summer:

- Cool and muted pinks: Soft, cool-toned pinks, like dusty rose or light mauve, complement the cool undertones of the Summer color palette.

3. Autumn/Fall:

- Rich and warm pinks: Deeper shades of pink with warm undertones, such as coral or terracotta pink, work well with the warm and earthy tones of the Autumn color palette.

4. Winter:

- Bold and cool pinks: Bright, cool-toned pinks, like fuchsia or magenta, complement the bold and cool undertones often found in the Winter color palette.

It's important to note that seasonal color analysis is just a guide, and individuals may have unique characteristics that don't fit perfectly into one specific seasonal category. The best way to find the most flattering shades of pink for your skin tone is to try different shades and observe how they interact with your natural coloring in natural lighting. Or book a session with our team to get personalized advice advice!

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