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6 tips to look polished & put together

That cool, polished, effortless look. We all know it. The one that looks like you barely even tried despite how long you actually took to get ready is actual #outfitgoals. So how do you do it? Here are a couple tips to appear polished and put together at any point, even if you roll out of bed with 5-min to get ready.

#1 The right accessories can be a gamechanger. A small, classic hoop or stud. A classic watch. A simple chain necklace. Rings. A good bag. Oh and of course, sunglasses. Sunglasses are not only are the perfection on a sunny day, trust us, they are for style too and can make your look. Don't forget your accessories but also maintain balance and don't overdo it. All of these things are key to tie your whole look together even if it is a sweat set.

#2 Simple, classic colors and styles are always a good idea. Neutral, minimal, and monochromatic looks. Yes you can pull it off! Pieces to look for: a good trouser, a mock neck top, white button up, white t-shirt, blazer, camisole. Monochromatic looks are super chic and effortless. These entail wearing pieces in different shades of the same base color (i.e. white and cream/beige) and leveraging texture and layers to add dimension to your look. More on classic pieces and capsule wardrobe picks here.

#3 Choosing the shoes to complete your look. Classic, neutral color, polished shoe options to look for: white sneaker, slingback, nude pump, ballet flat, driver, and mule. A good slingback, for example, is perfect all year long and will work across seasons. Find some more shoe options below.

#4 Pay attention to details: Pay attention to the small details that can make a big difference, such as tucking in your shirt to balance your outfit or wearing a belt to accentuate your waist. Fit and quality of your clothing also matters. Choose clothes that are appropriate for the occasion and fit well. Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed. Avoid wearing worn-out or scuffed shoes.

#5 Beyond the outfit. Do your hair and not in a way that requires a lot of effort. Try a slicked back low pony or bun, throw in some loose curls, pull back into a clip. Consider a hat, headband, or clip if your hair is not where you want it to add a little coverage. Consider your nails, they don't need a perfect gel mani but ensure they are clean and trimmed. Skincare, skincare, skincare - feeling beautiful in your skin and your skin looking radiant is also #goals. Maintain good posture sitting and walking.

#6 Be confident! Finally, the key to looking polished is CONFIDENCE. Wear outfits you feel amazing in, no matter how many times you've worn before. When in doubt, re-create a celebrity look you loved or throw on a combo that is tried and true versus over thinking it. Walk with purpose and carry yourself with confidence, and you will look and feel polished and put-together.

To get personalized tips, picks, curated looks tailored to you from one of our style pros, book a session here or in our app!

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