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10 Signs That It May Be Time To Invest In Your Personal Style And Wardrobe

There are several signs to be on the lookout for when it comes to your personal style and wardrobe...and these are nothing to be ashamed about! The best of us experience these signs at any point and we share them only to allow you to recognize when it might be a good time to invest in YOU looking and feeling 100%. Especially as most of us ahead of a season change are evaluating our wardrobes.

1. You struggle with the stressful “what do I wear” feeling? You’re not alone. We hear this problem ALL the time. Style should be fun, not stressful. It should allow you to express your personality and feel more confident. If you end up working yourself up when choosing outfits or putting together cohesive looks, let's change this. There are way too many stressors in life, style shouldn't be one of them.

2. Your wardrobe has gotten overwhelming. You have pieces you haven't worn in years taking up space, aren't sure if what you have is even in style, things that don't even fit you would be a good idea to assess what you have and check in with your personal style before you keep buying more :). Highly recommend a revamp to edit your current closet and refresh your overall style + wardrobe.

3. You want to update your look but are unsure where to start. Maybe you want to to align your appearance with a new image or branding or your next wave of personal growth. Wanting to evolve and express yourself differently/better through your style is a great reason to seek help from a stylist to refine your fashion identity! You've got the desire to make a change, now let's get you over the hump and make it happen!

4. You're not feeling confident in your fashion choices or lacking a sense of personal style. When you feel unsure about your clothing choices and lack confidence in your appearance, a stylist can help you discover outfits that enhance your best features and boost your confidence.

5. You're just feeling stuck. Whether you're in a full blown wardrobe rut or just feeling a little stuck it's normal. If you constantly wear the same outfits and feel stuck in a style rut, bored with what you're wearing, etc. a personal stylist can inject fresh ideas and inspiration into your wardrobe.

6. You're going through a life transition. Are you getting married? Just got married? Did you get a new job/position? Is your body changing? Make a big move to a new city? All of these are signs it might be a good time for a wardrobe refresh tailored to your new lifestyle.

7. You're struggling to find clothing that works for you. Tired of ordering the latest trending things but they just don't seem to work on you? Your clothing should work for your unique needs, preferences, body type, complexion, budget, and more! It can also be a struggle that compliments your complexion

8. You want to be more intentional when it comes to your wardrobe. If you want to invest in higher quality pieces that last, our stylists can guide you in making smart and timeless purchases. Further, help you create a more cohesive, color coordinated wardrobe, streamlined, intentional wardrobe. Get advice on best brands (for example ones that align to your budget or values to be more environmental friendly). Even build a capsule wardrobe and get inspired doing more with less.

9. You want advice on dressing for a specific event or occasion. Dressing for affairs is hard! The bar is raised as there will likely be photos taken, more people looking at your outfit than usual, a dress code, and more. When you have upcoming special events, such as job interviews, trips, photoshoots, weddings, important presentations, or milestone celebrations, this is honestly the perfect reason, and #1 reason our clients book a styling session. A Prept stylist can help you plan and curate outfits to fit your individual goals and occasion needs, leveraging what you have + new pieces. P.S. Don't wait until the last minute 48 hrs ahead of your event when you get that "oh sh*t I have nothing to wear" moment :)

10. You're too busy / just don't have the desire to figure out style, shop, etc. Busy schedules, full lives, jobs, and social calendars can make it challenging to dedicate time to shop and curate outfits, but looking & feeling your best is still important!! Our virtual styling services can be booked anytime/anywhere, making them the ideal and convenient option for busy women on-the-go, doing the most! it's kind of why we created our whole platform in the first place.

There are many options to get help with your personal style and wardrobe. Here at Prept, we are believers that personalized assistance, more personalized than a box delivered or recommendations from the influencer we all follow and love, should not be reserved for celebrities or the rich and famous!! Many virtual styling services, like ours, make this assistance accessible and affordable to everyone, empowering women to feel more beautiful and confident every day.

Our virtual style services exist to help you look and feel your absolute BEST. Browse our virtual styling service options & book the option that works best for you. If you want advice on which option might be best, set up time with us here for an initial free consult.


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