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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you find/vet your Personal Style and Beauty Professionals?
    We recruit or are found by Professionals all across North America. On the style side we ensure our professionals have retail experience, personal styling experience, fashion experience, background/education in fashion, etc. On the beauty side we ensure our professionals are licensed makeup artists or have significant makeup expertise and experience. We ensure that anyone that comes through our onboarding process is passionate about helping women look and feel their best, cares deeply about providing a an enjoyable personalized experience, and wants to build long standing relationships with clients. We vet everyone through interviews and trial consultations internally. We seek feedback after every consult to ensure our professionals deliver in line with your needs and expectations. We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee to anyone that does not have a great experience. We conduct regular development to ensure all of our Pros stay up to date on all things style/beauty.
  • Why do I need to book time for a session?
    We want ensure you have dedicated 1:1 time to connect with one of our professionals virtually! Your scheduled virtual session will be on your calendar to join at the date/time selected and your Pro will be on to meet you "face-to-face". Join from home / wherever you are to get advice, ask questions, review curated looks, and more per the service you selected!
  • Where can I find my booking details?
    Under the “Calendar” section in the app, just click on the booked session for more info. You will also see your scheduled session on your calendar
  • What does a virtual consultation / session look like?
    First, within 48 hours of booking any virtual services, a chat will be opened with the Prept Pro that you are matched with. They will reach out to say hello and introduce themselves. From here you'll see a virtual session to join on your calendar during the date/time of your booked session. Virtual consultations range from 20 min. to 1 hour depending on the service selected. We highly recommend being ready for a video consultation at the time of your booked session for the best experience. This way your Pro can really get to know you to provide personalized assistance.
  • What happens after I book a consult?
    We match you with a style/beauty professional (aka your new bestie) to connect 1:1 virtually. They will be in touch within 48 hours to introduce themselves! You will also see their picture appear in the chat.
  • Is this a subscription service?
    We have individual services that you can book one time as well as membership options! Membership options provide several benefits like having dedicated time to consult 1:1 with your dedicated Pro over time and stay Prept ahead of all of your style/beauty needs. They can get to know you, you can build a relationship, and they can always deliver what you are looking for! Choose your own adventure - you've got options, reach out anytime if you want help selecting the right service or have questions in the app / via email to
  • What is the cost?
    We pride ourselves on being as affordable as possible. We believe in truly personalized style + beauty services should be accessible to every woman, not just the rich and famous. All prices are set per service/frequency for packages with no hidden hourly or other fees. We price our services are priced to compensate your Prept pro for their time, assistance, and expertise!!
  • What can I expect during/post consult?
    Video call or chat with your stylist. Ask questions, review a personalized lookbook created just for you, get tips/tricks, share your current closet/makeup bag, etc. This consult is tailored to you and your needs. Post consult you'll receive a personalized, shoppable lookbook complete with tips & shopping links, so that you can rent/buy only what you love.
  • What if I don't love what my Pro put together?
    We have a happiness guarantee. If you're not happy with your experience, we're not happy. Just send the Prept Team a message in the app under "Connect" or send us an email to so we can ensure you get what you need or your money back!!

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